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Premium Video Production

You only have one chance to make a good first impression

Why Astor Productions

100% Customer focused


We take pride in our work and we take our clients very seriously. Our sense of achievement comes from producing video content that meets the desires of the client. Therefore we will listen carefully and take on board anything that the client wants to achieve with the final product.


Stunning visuals


We record all of our audiovisual material using high specification equipment up to 5K resolution. After the shoot, we will enhance the images and the sounds in post-production to give the video a dynamic look and feel which will make it stand out from the crowd. Our professional edit suite allows us to do the full audio mixing, colour grading and visual effects for your video.

Cost effective


We believe that producing high quality videos does not have to involve a high budget. Before every production starts, we will formulate a budget plan by assessing what the costs will be to produce the video. Any projected production costs will always be discussed with the client before production starts.

Our Clients

A Little Introduction

  • Who we are

    Astor Productions is a team of professionals who have a great amount of passion for film making. We all have backgrounds in different crafts, but as a team we collaborate in search for the best possible results.

  • What we do

    Film and advertising

    Content editing

    Post production

    Visual effects

    Sound recording and editing

    Live sound engineering

    Graphic design

  • Our skills

    Our team is a mixture of experienced film makers, sound editors, and visual effects designers that deal with developing creative content on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in our production management and customer service.

Telephone:  01482 291 700

E-mail:          info@astorprod.com

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